Friday, June 27, 2008

4 Days Left!!

I am super duper happy to post that I only have 4 shifts left at Superstore! I have been applying for jobs for about a year now and hadn't found anything and thought I was destined to stay at Superstore forever...but fortunately my luck has changed and I currently am employed at the Heartland Inn as a Front Desk Receptionist. I wasn't exactly what I wanted and I was a little leary about taking the job, but after two shifts, I absolutly love it, its such a great place to work, my boss is super nice and so are the other employees and works around everybody's schedule. It can get lonely, because you work alone all the time, but it doesn't really bother me because there is plenty to do, and sometimes I need my down time, and so now that time is at work. Anyways, I thought I would inform you all on that. Other than that not much is happening right now, I'm way to busy working both jobs, because I started on Wednesday, June 25th and my last day at superstore is only July 4th so I am averaging 55 hours a week, so I'm super tired, but its all so worth it.
Kevin and Rachel are coming home tonight, and I am super excited to see them but to be perfectly honest, I am super duper excited to see Brendan, sorry guys, Baby ALWAYS They are staying until July 7th, and then I am going home with them and staying for a week and then flying home on July 14th, I have never flown before but I am so excited about the new opportunity. Anyways, I am sure I will have some awesome pictures to post in the next few days of the two most awesome people in the whole world...Brendan and Me!!
Anyways thats All for me for now, I hope you are having a great day!!!
God Bless

Thursday, June 12, 2008

So, I decided to change things up with my blog layout and try something new and a little different for me.
Let me know what you think.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Proud to be a Nascar Girl

So, a bunch of my friends are huge nascar fans and because of everybody's work schedules and everything we only get together on weekends, usually Sundays. About a month ago me and my friend Tara decided to join them for Nascar because it was the only time we got to spend time together and we ended up picking cars to cheer for. So I picked Kasey Kahne and Denny Hamlin and wasn't too into in until Kasey Kahne won about three weeks ago and now I am totally hooked. Me and Tara even made our own shirts.

So, now I am a huge Nascar Fan.