Friday, July 25, 2008

It's been awhile

I've kinda been putting off blogging for awhile, wasn't really sure what to write or what not to write some days, but I decided I would write a quick little update.
I'm loving my new job, the people are great, it's nice being appreciated at work, and liking what you do, it makes the day go by so much faster! I really enjoy getting to know the guests, especially those staying awhile, I've learned to be more outgoing, and have more confidence in myself, its very easy to second guess yourself, but I am becoming more confident in my abilities.
I'm still skating, I took a few weeks off when there was no ice, went on a little vacation to Saskatoon which was so much fun, it was so nice not having to be anywhere at a particular time, sleeping in was fantastic, and spending time with Brendan was so great, [Kevin and Rach you were great't worry I didn't forget about you two:D] I'm not sure if it's just a new time in my life or if I am just more open minded, but lately I've been really impacted and inspired by almost everything. I feel more creative and more driven and passionate, which is good, but its not like I'm being inspired by new things its things I have dealt with before things I have seen before or heard before, its kinda strange but also very uplifting at the same time.
Back to skating, I just bought new skates, so far everything is still there I didn't lose any jumps or spins or anything, but they are pretty stiff, I started skating again last week, and it was good to be back on the ice, I'm looking forward to coaching and skating, it will be a new challenge but I'm ready for it.
I hope everybody is having a fantastic summer!!!