Saturday, February 24, 2007

Test Day

So, this afternoon I had a skating test. Their are four main types of skating tests; dance, skills, freeskate, and interpretive. I took a dance test this afternoon, the Paso Doble. midway through warm-up I tripped on my pick and fell flat on my face, really hitting my knee. Everybody kinda gasped when I went down, and asking if I was okay, and I was, but my legs were just shaking, so I got up, and kept practicing, but in the back of my mind thinking about falling again. I was just in alot of pain, but decided to just suck it up and do this. So, when it was my turn, I went to the start with my dance partner and started my dance, and it was going smoothly until we got to the part where I fell and I kinda blanked and missed a step and so I was just going to keep going, but the judge stopped the music, and I got a retry, which is the nice way of saying fail. So anyways, that was my afternoon. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Final Music Choice

So, I decided to go with It's On - Superchic[k]. I choreographed it this morning, so you can all come check it out at our annual skating carnival on March 10. The theme is Dreams and I have a good feeling about the finished product. The little kids are all so cute, I was watching a bunch of groups go through their routines on Friday, and it just makes you smile. Anyways, just thought I would let you know my final decision, and encourage everybody to come to carnival...March 10...don't forget.

Friday, February 23, 2007


This past week, I have gone through every emotion, and I kept dwelling on the bad times over and over again. Yeah, right now, life is kinda rocky, but I have so much to be thankful for. I have the most amazing friends, who know how to make me laugh and now what to say. Take this past week for example, I got home from work on tuesday, and I had been having a bad week and I went to check my email and my friend had sent me an email telling me how much she cared about me, and I hadn't even told anybody about my week yet, it was clearly God. Anyways, I know that life sometimes sucks, but even though my skating right now is really stressful, and I feel alone, I'm not, because skating is not my entire life, a large part yes, but now my entire life. So, my challenge for myself is to be thankful for the things and the people right in front of me, my friends, my family, and those who are supporting me. So, I guess thanks to them, without you, I wouldn't where I am.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Music Choice

So, Carnival is in three weeks and I haven't made a final decision for music. I was thinking about skating to:
It's On - Superchick
Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice
The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
or something like that, It's my first year to pick my own music, so yeah, anyways if you've got any suggestions, I was kinda leaning towards something more upbeat, but all suggestions are welcome

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Skate In Face...Ouch

Jessica Dube and Bryce Davison, the 2007 Canadian Gold Medalists [figure skating] recently competed at Four Continents.
During their side-by-side spins in their long program the got too close and Bryce's skate hit Jessica's face, cutting her face and causing her to fall to the ground. It was awful, I could barely watch it. The amazing thing is that they are planning to compete at the World Championships in Tokyo in March. I saw them in an interview today and she looked like she was doing pretty good, they had the camera from a side angle of her face[the side that didn't get cut], but I saw a little bit, and it didn't look that bad, so thats good. You can watch the accident at
They have had such a rough season too, its unbelievable. At the beginning of the season Jess fell out of a lift, causing some knee problems, so they had to withdraw from the grand prix circuit, which is basically just the beginning competitions of the year. Then they competed at Canadians and won. Then they went to Four Continents and this happened. They just can't catch a break. Anyways, thats all for now.

January 2007 Editors Choice Award

So, every now and then I submit poetry to and this January I won the Editors Choice Award for my poem,
"The Journey"
A Path has been marked
The way things are supposed to be
The feelings you are supposed to feel
I don't understand why this is happening to me
All the things I thought were real
Are being taken and changed into something new
Something different, something fake
All I depended on is taken away
There is a fork in the road
One path is bright and wide, easy to follow
The other has a great reward at the end
But is dark and has many obstacles
Which is the road to take?
What is more important, happiness or effort?
Take the road the leads you to something real
To real happiness and real life
Be strong with the strong winds blow
and the road is hard
Have faith in what is to come
In how the journey will end
If you want to see more of my poems they are on and just type in my name.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I haven't written on here in awhile so I decided I would quickly before I went to work. Life right now is pretty rough, going through alot of stuff, mainly skating, but other stuff as well. I'm feeling really down alot and starting to take things really personally lately. I've been contemplating taking batism classes and am really confused about what to do. I am just trying to figure out who I am and what it is that I want from life, so it's been a long few months. School is back in swing for second semester, I have a pretty full load, but I think I can handle it. I have consumer math [possibly the easiest class I have ever had], spare, english comp, english trans, and chemsitry.
In other amy news [my attempt at humor...sorry], my brother and his wife [kev and rach] are expecting a baby, so....I'm going to be an auntie. They live in Saskatoon so it's not really registering quite yet. Anyways, they told us the news by sending us flowers and on the card it said to grandma, grandpa and auntie from baby. Its so cute.
So, guess what...I can get marks for blogging. My english trans teacher said he'll give us marks if we have a blog. Can you believe it, I was like
So, anyways, if you have any advise on what to do about skating or getting baptised, please let me know...hope you are having a good day
P.S. Sorry about the fact that my thoughts are kinda ramblish...Its been a long day.