Monday, July 13, 2009


Had a crazy weekend this past weekend.  Saturday, had to work for a bit, even though it was my day off, and then it was off to TAYLOR SWIFT.  It was such a good concert, with Gloriana and Kellie Pickler being the opening acts!  I had heard Gloriana's single on the radio and loved it and never knew who sang it or what it was called and when they came on stage and sang my song, it was so cool!  Kellie Pickler was awesome as well, and well Taylor Swift is Taylor Swift, so good, had such a good night.  My friend took me for Sushi for supper before the concert, I had never tried it before and it actually wasn't bad, some of it was pretty good.  After the concert we had to end the night with some dessert, so we headed to Joey's and had Chocolate Souflee, it was so good, my friend had never had it and she's a chocolate finatic, so she LOVED it!!!  

Sunday I had a get together with my mom's side of the Family since my cousin and his family who are missionaries in Russia are home for a few weeks, so it was really nice to see them again!  Their youngest Emily and I became friends and she wanted me to stay for 4 days, it was so cute, and when I told her I had to leave she looked at me with these sad puppy eyes and said to me, 'It's not four days yet' it was terribly cute and then she gave me a hug and almost started crying, I felt so bad for leaving.  After I got home, I headed to my friends surprise birthday party and had a fire and my friend put on a fireworks display which was really cute, so that was a good way to end my weekend.

and of course today was back to work....

Hope you all had a Fantastic Weekend and have a Great Week!!!

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